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« on: August 12, 2019, 09:14:44 AM »
Hey Everyone,
There have been some changes and updates to attendance requirements and practice days after our league meeting on Aug 8.  If you voted then you know what the new attendance requirements are so I wont go into that here. Pop will also be posting those updates in a seperate post for those that missed the meeting/voting.   With regard to the practice changes EFFECTIVE 8/12 they are in bold below:

Sunday - 10-1pm (FM is 10-12pm)
Monday- no practice
Wednesday - FM practice only
Thursday - 630pm -830pm -VETS only until Sept 12 which is 1st thursday after boot camp starts then fm will join on that day too.
Friday - no practice
Saturday - no practice

This schedule will be in force until November 5(last day of the next FM bootcamp).  PRACTICE IS MANDATORY UNTIL NOV 5(this means that your attendance counts towards league membership) until then. Practice is mandatory because although we have no more bouts for the rest of the season, we need vet assistance with training FM. After November 5th, practice will not be mandatory but our practice space will be available for those that want to continue to work on their skating during the holidays. The training committee is working on a training plan which will more than likely utilize vet skaters as assistant trainers like we did with this past boot camp.  We will create a schedule and post it soon. We are also working on a training plan for the vets. The next few practices will be focused on skills and getting our higher level fm to pass assessment 3 and our lower level FM as close to passing before the next boot camp starts so practices may be a little loosy goosey but I promise the training committee is working on a a good structure so that everyone can make the most of it. Please bear with us as we work to do that. The regular 3 day practices a week scheudle will resume Sunday, January 5th.  :)
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